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Hometech BOSCH Universal Mixer Canada

Bosch Universal Cookie Paddles Canada muz6cp2

Any heavy doughs, many cakes, and most cookies should be prepared using the Cookie Paddles. The recently introduced cookie paddles works wonderfully well for all but the stiffest cookie dough. These are strong and easy to clean.  If you already have the metal driver order muz6cp1

Use only with a metal whip drive

Plastic Cookie Paddles are dishwasher safe. The metal driver is hand-wash only. It will discolor with dishwasher use.


  • Fits both BOSCH Universal & Universal Plus
  • If you already have a metal whip driver, get MUZ6CP1 - $29.99
  • If you have a plastic whip driver, you need to get a metal one to use the paddles. The paddles that come packaged with the driver are an excellent value.
  • BPA Free


  • 5 Year